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Satsang & Discourses

Getting Past Anger & Pain

How can you get past the pain and the anger that you might be experiencing in your life and bring your awareness back to the Truth of who you are? In this extraordinary teaching on the @AlignPodcast , Sadhviji provides a clear and effective roadmap...

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Stop Self Sabotage

Let us stop sabotaging ourselves! So many of us have no-one and nothing to blame for the problems we face other than our own fear of achievement, success and love. It sounds crazy of course — why would WE prevent our own achievement of what...

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Diving into Gratitude

The New Year is such a beautiful opportunity to start anew, to go in new directions and to set intentions for the coming year. During the New Year's retreat at Parmarth Niketan, someone asked Sadhviji what ONE practice she would recommend to implement. She said...

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Why Do We Desire So Much?

One of the core pieces of the package deal of being human is that we desire. From a very young age until our death beds, our lives are filled with desires. From morning till night we desire. Any desire breeds fantasies about how we'll...

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What Is Life?

Life, quite simply, is exactly what we make it. If we want to turn it to heaven, we turn it to heaven; if we want to turn it to hell, we turn it to hell. And, most of us live our lives responding to what...

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