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Climate Change and Us

May 31 2021

Climate Change and Us

In the midst of the dense, lush forests it’s hard to imagine how threatened and fragile they are. As we travel through California, from the coastal redwoods to the inland Sequoias, pine trees and so many other species, one narrative pervades: fire and drought! The impact of climate change is palpable here in these forests. Our forests give us not only beautiful, sacred, very huggable trees, but they also absorb our carbon emissions, provide us with our oxygen, cooling and so much of the water we need to survive.

Such a huge percentage of the fresh water on this planet comes from our trees! Forests are truly the lungs of the earth and also the heart of the earth. They provide us not only the oxygen but truly the source of life that runs through us. . It is absolutely essential for all of us to come together in climate action and recognize the significance and severity of the problem.

Let us use whatever ability, resources, imagination, innovation we have to help abate climate change. . Listen to this video for thoughts from the lush forests and meandering streams of Big Sur and ways that each of us, throughout our day can be part of the solution.

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