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Divine Shakti Foundation (DSF)

Dedicated to women, their children, and orphaned/abandoned children, and Mother Earth
Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati is the President of the Divine Shakti Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the holistic well being of women, their children, and orphaned/abandoned children, and to all of Mother Nature and Mother Earth. DSF’s programs include free schools for children, women’s vocational training programs, women’s empowerment programs and international events bringing women (and men) together to discover and nurture their oneness with the Divine Feminine.

Schools, vocational training and empowerment programs: poverty, illiteracy and lack of training are tragically common in India. With increasing population, basic education and marketable skills have become absolute necessities in order to subsist in even the smallest communities.  Hence, those who lack this education and training go to sleep hungry each night. DSF is dedicated to providing them with the best chance possible to live a life free from destitution. The Divine Shakti Foundation’s programs encompass children’s schools for both girls and boys as well as computer centers where they learn practice and theory, as well as specialized vocational training and empowerment centers for girls and young women.

Animal Seva

Recognizing that the Divine does not just lie within our temples and our other holy places, but also in the Creation itself, Divine Shakti Foundation dedicated is to providing care and shelter to all of Mother Nature.

Cow Care: Plans are on to build gaushalas to provide proper veterinary care, shelter and food to the stray cows who currently roam the streets of India.

Street Dogs: Divine Shakti Foundation teamed with Karma Animal Trust of Siberia to bring healthcare to the street dogs of Rishikesh. For several months of the year, veterianarians and technicians offered their time, talent and technical expertise to sterilize primarily male dogs, vaccinate and treat street dogs and cats. As most street puppies and kittens die from significant diseases, motorbike accidents or hunger, it is very important to control the population so that they are healthy and happy.

Visit Divine Shakti Foundation’s website to learn more.