Global Day of Prayer

May 14 2020

Global Day of Prayer

On this Global Day of Prayer, Pujya Swamiji, Sadhvi Bhagawatiji, and the Parmarth community gathered to pray for an end to not only the coronavirus, but the virus of separation and division in our minds.

Together we prayed for health and freedom from this virus, for broader health for the entire planet, and also for freedom from all the threats that are lining up to wreck havoc upon our lives unless humanity wakes up and wises up to realise our inherent Oneness with all of creation!

We prayed for front-line workers who are sacrificing their lives, and for those who have lost their lives due to Corona and due to all deadly diseases in this world and for their loved ones too.

We prayed too that the whole of humankind is able to come together in Unity, Love and Peace for healing and transformation.

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