“Meditation, My Mind & Me” at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco

Jul 25 2018

“Meditation, My Mind & Me” at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco

Inspiring Evening on How to Live in Peace, Joy & Wholeness

A beautiful spiritual gathering was organized at the Grace Cathedal in San Francisco, California (USA) graced by Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji.

The event brought together devotees and seekers from all spiritual walks of life, both Indian and international, for an evening of meditation, spiritual discourse, satsang and a question-answer session.

Sadhviji opened the gathering discussing the power of the mind and the power of our thoughts to create our future. She emphasized how it is not so much the things of life but our reaction to the things of life, our perception of the things of life, that determines our state of mind. Sadhviji explained, “Meditation creates space within ourselves to truly experience ourselves and the world around us. What the mind does is it separates; it reacts. We may be moving along a path peacefully, joyfully, but then something happens, we don’t know what it is, we think it’s something that it’s not, and we react, we jump. Our physiological, emotional, and even spiritual experience of the moment changes. That’s the game of the mind. It reacts, it judges, it competes, it compares. And mostly what it does is it separates. It separates us from our true selves, and it separates us from the world around us, the world that we are trying to connect with! When I meditate, when I do yoga, I connect deeply to my true self and true insight.”

Sadhviji then led the group through a short meditation to connect to ourselves, awaken within, and connect to the place within us that is a source of light, love, and peace. This was followed by a question-answer session in which Sadhviji answered questions ranging from meditation, to raising conscious children, to how to be truly successful in life.

To watch video from this divine evening, please see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ai3wiGyiV-o.

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