Model Green Village of Veerpur Gets Started

Dec 17 2015

Model Green Village of Veerpur Gets Started

Global Interfaith WASH Alliance (of which Sadhviji is Secretary-General) and Ganga Action Parivar, under the leadership and inspiration of Pujya Swamiji, are working to transform the village of Veerpur into a model defecation-free village, and a clean and green example to India and to the world. By involving and inspiring all members of the community, including youth and local leaders from all castes and creeds to work together in a massive clean up and tree plantation, the villagers are enthusiastically supporting these efforts.

They are working to construct toilets in households that lack them, end defecation near the riverside, and install dustbins and clean water filters so that every household and every school in the village has access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.

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