Parmarth Niketan welcomes the Dard Aryans of Ladakh

Jan 22 2019

Parmarth Niketan welcomes the Dard Aryans of Ladakh

A Celebration of India’s Diversity as Parmarth Niketan welcomes the Dard Aryans of Ladakh

Vibrant colours, the beauty of nature, and uplifting waves of sound enveloped the ashram as the Dard Aryans of Ladakh made a spontaneous visit to the ashram. Smiles abounded as Pujya Swamiji Chidinand Saraswatiji and Sadhvji Bhagawatiji greeted the group with open arms and open hearts. Pujya Swamiji and Sadhviji were presented with traditional garlands and scarves. The Dard Aryans brought water from the Indus which was mixed with the water from the sangam for a sacred world water blessing ceremony at the camp, an act emblematic of the Indian tradition of co-existence and tolerance. Dard Aryans are custodians of India’s ancient heritage and the ashram celebrated their unique traditions and culture.
Pujya Swamiji said: “So long as these connections, these relationships survive, no matter where we live, the tree of diversity will flourish and bear rich fruits. And this is what we must do. On the banks of the sangam, we stood together, resolved to live together. We are one and shall always be one. This is the message of the sangam.”

Virendra Bangroo, Documentation Officer, IGNCA, New Delhi, spoke on behalf of the group: “We must connect with our diverse communities that have preserved their own unique cultures. This communication must never stop. Despite living in the harsh conditions of Jammu and Kashmir with temperatures below -20 C, these people are full of life. They are happy, beautifying themselves with flowers. We are trying to preserve this. And for years, Parmarth Niketan has been a great ally in the project. The entire Parmarth Ashram team is helping preserve this culture. The entire country is united in this effort.”

The visit inside the ashram was concluded with the sharing of sweets and tea. Everyone then marched together to the Arail Ghat for sacred Sangam Aarti filled with more colours, the beauty of the sangam, and invigorating waves of music. This is sangam. This is India.

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