“Wings of Success” Conference of the International Rotary in Ghaziabad

Mar 12 2022

“Wings of Success” Conference of the International Rotary in Ghaziabad

Described as a “Life-changing talk” by those that experienced it, Pujya Sadhviji offered her inspiration and wisdom as a distinguished guest at the “Wings of Success” Conference of the International Rotary, District 3012 in Ghaziabad, sharing about the importance of selfless service to humanity and the enormous benefits that we can derive from the simple act of giving.

In her discourse, Sadhviji lauded the gathered Rotarians for the incredible work that they do to uplift and empower people, and especially the necessary work that they are doing in raising awareness about the importance of water conservation and protection, saying that without water life will be over! “The work you’re doing,” she shared, “is work for life!”

Sadhviji spoke about the Rotary pledge of service to the community, and offered a beautiful reflection on the long-standing tradition of selfless service – seva – in faith communities. “The best way to find yourself, according to Gandhiji,” she said, “is to lose yourself in the service of others. And, according to the Rev Dr Martin Luther King, the most critical question in life is what are you doing for others. And, my divine Guruji, Param Pujya Swamiji, shared with me when I first met Him that the most important question to ask yourself not ‘What for me, but what through me?’ What can happen through me? So, what’s important is to discover how we can be of service. And we do that by recognizing that we are not separate from the world, recognizing that other’s pain is our pain, other’s hunger is our hunger…that their struggle is my struggle.”

Service, she said, goes deeper and deeper when we meditate, because we find that awareness of being One with everyone and everything – we are not separate from the world. She further shared that studies have shown that helping other people makes people happier, and that people whose lives are rooted in compassion and selflessness are healthier and live longer lives. She closed by sharing that the only way that we can come to know how to serve is to be connected within ourselves and with the Creator through meditation so that we can be an instrument in the hands of the Divine.

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