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“Yoga Body and Beyond” on International Yoga Day

Jun 23 2016

“Yoga Body and Beyond” on International Yoga Day

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji was the Co-Chairperson for the plenary session on the second day of the “Yoga Body and Beyond” two day conference in Delhi, in celebration of International Yoga Day, organized by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, along with Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Shri Satyapal Singhji.  Sadhviji was on a panel with the followed esteemed panelists: Dr. HR Nagendraji, Vice-Chancellor of SVASYA, Prof. Chen Luyan, Yunnan Minzu University, China, Shri Sanjay Bhatia, IAS, Dr Shirley Telles and representative of the Brahmakumaris.

Sadhviji shared so beautifully, “As every architect knows, one cannot build a structure beginning with the third floor! Regardless of the beauty and elegance of the building, if there is not a strong foundation, that building will collapse in the slightest storm. Similarly, we cannot disregard the foundation and base our yoga practice exclusively on limb 3, asana. We may become strong, limber and flexible but the moment the winds of change begin to blow in our lives, the best asana cannot keep us grounded if we have no foundation. The yamas and niyamas are crucial aspects of any true yoga practice. Without them, our asanas become mere acrobatics or aerobics… The asanas are windows into the possibility of what yoga holds. It is said, sthira sukham asanam. That which is stable, that which brings true joy; that is asana. Yes. And that is a window into not just stability and joy in the asana but in every moment and every breath of our life.”

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