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How To BREAK Your Negative Patterns To Achieve INNER PEACE | Sadhvi Saraswati & Lewis Howes

Aug 21 2022

How To BREAK Your Negative Patterns To Achieve INNER PEACE | Sadhvi Saraswati & Lewis Howes

So many people around the world are trapped in negative patterns of behaviour. It’s not their fault – it’s how they were raised, how they were trained, how they were treated. But, it’s not working anymore – for them, or for those around them. They want to change, they want to heal…to transform. But, how?

In a breathtaking discussion with Lewis Howes on his groundbreaking podcast, The School of Greatness, Pujya Sadhviji offers inspiring and motivating methods that can help us to break our negative patterns to achieve inner peace. “We learn at a very young age,” shares Sadhviji, “that our value, our worthiness, our deserving-ness of love is based on what I do. And, when I do it right, or do it well, I am worthy. I don’t? I’m not worthy. And this becomes a dilemma that we face all of our lives. And, then you bring in media and marketing and consumerism, where it’s entirely rooted in convincing you that who you are in the present moment is not enough, and if you just owned the handbag that we produce, everything would be okay.”

This deep and powerful conversation reveals Lewis and Sadhviji’s common experience of tragedy and transformation, which Sadhviji wrote about in her #1 bestselling memoir, Hollywood to the Himalayas: A Journey of Healing and Transformation.  It is a beautiful and insightful discussion that will help you to learn how to find your most divine self and, most-importantly, to help you to discard the belief that your value and identity as a person are somehow tied to what you do!

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