Real Abundance

Real abundance and prosperity isn't about what we have. Some of the richest people are actually very poor - because their internal experience is one of lack. Meanwhile, some of the poorest people have the richest, most prosperous lives, because their internal experience is one...

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Hindus & The Sanatana Dharma

How did the inability to pronounce the name of a river, inadvertently become the default name of the faith of India, that ironically is not used by anyone who follows that faith? In this informative video Sadhviji shares the history and origin of the word...

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Yoga And The Environment

There's a deep connection between Yoga and the Environment, both spiritually and pragmatically. It's hard to experience health and practice Yoga when our environment is polluted and toxic. And, it's even harder not to be in alignment with the Environment when we begin to connect...

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