3 Ways To Live Consciously For The Earth

Jun 05 2023

3 Ways To Live Consciously For The Earth

Have you ever wondered what YOU can do for the environment? We all want to live on a planet with clean, air, clean soil, clean water. We want to give a planet with trees and rivers and beautiful oceans to our children and grandchildren but the problems can seem insurmountable. So many of us feel helpless when we hear about climate change, deforestation, environmental destruction, depletion of our water bodies, and more. We wonder, “what can I as a simple individual do?”

Today on World Environment Day here are 3 simple, powerful things YOU can do every day — many times a day — to make a HUGE difference in the environment.

Put a YES in the comments if you are going to do one of these 3 things!

We are not victims of our world. We are co-creators of it. As we think, so we create. Let us see ourselves as the powerful beings we are and bring that power of goodness, healing and sustainability into the world!

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