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Are you holding a grudge? If yes, the. You are in spiritual jail. If you've ever said "I'll never forgive that person," you've actually imprisoned yourself. You’ve offered up your freedom on the altar of someone else's ego, arrogance, ignorance and karmic drama. When you...

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Happy Sita Navami!

Today is the beautiful and auspicious day called Sita Navami! Listen as Sadhviji beautifully shares how Sita, the beloved wife of Lord Rama, embodied the qualities of truth, love, and equanimity in the face of hardship. Through her unwavering devotion to her husband and...

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Tolerance vs. Acceptance

"Is it okay to just tolerate someone or something or do we have to actually accept it? Tolerance is hard enough! Acceptance can seem impossible. Don't worry! As Sadhviji explains, tolerance is the first step, with acceptance being the ideal. But, remember that spirituality...

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