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An Open Heart: Does it Make You More Vulnerable?

Nov 06 2022

An Open Heart: Does it Make You More Vulnerable?

If I don’t open my heart, I won’t get hurt. Makes sense, right? Can’t get hurt if we don’t let anyone close to us. Many of us have done it. Just close ourselves off completely from others and from experiences – from life – because we are so afraid of being taken advantage of or having our feelings hurt. But – and, be honest here – doesn’t that choice make you feel as if you’re suffocating? Pretty sure it does.

Watch and listen as Sadhviji explains that – while our choosing to wall-off our hearts is understandable on the human level – the only way that we can truly experience this life that we’ve incarnated into is on the soul level…through our hearts. And that, by doing so – by connecting on the soul level, through our hearts – we’re actually protecting ourselves from that world of hurt that we’re so afraid of.

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