Grace Cathedral Welcomes Sadhviji Home

Oct 01 2021

Grace Cathedral Welcomes Sadhviji Home

It was such an incredible joy to return to Grace Cathedral, San Francisco for a powerful Divine Satsang as part of their first public event since the pandemic began in March, 2020! It was especially wonderful to dive deeply into the Spirit and love of God and the practice of meditation with Dean Malcolm Clemens Young, who so brilliantly moderated the event!

In so many ways and on so many occasions, Grace Cathedral has been such an important part of the journey that I reveal in my memoir, “Hollywood to the Himalayas: A Journey of Healing and Transformation,” and I was so humbled to be able to share the message of the Power that Grace has to change lives with so many of my sisters and brothers in the Bay Area.

I deeply hope that you have found your own source of healing and transformation, and that “Hollywood to the Himalayas” was a part of that process. If you haven’t had the chance to get a copy for yourself, go to… – and, be sure to let me know what you think of it! I’m hoping that – as it’s been for so many others – it’s a source of inspiration and comfort!

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