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How Can We Purify the Soul

Jun 11 2022

How Can We Purify the Soul

How to purify the soul. Well, the Soul is already pure, actually. It’s why we’re able to say that we are the embodiments of the Divine. What needs to be purified is the mind. And, it needs to be purified because it doesn’t know that we are the soul. It thinks we are the body, and gets all wrapped-up in the vasanas…the desires, our likes and dislikes. When the mind is drowning in this lack of wisdom, we suffer. So, we purify the mind.

In this teaching from the Sacred Garden at Parmarth Niketan, Sadhviji shares with us the ways that we can purify our mind, so that we can reconnect with the Truth of who we are…the soul of who we are, which is pure!

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