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How Do We Master Unwanted Emotions & Unwanted Actions?

Jul 05 2021

How Do We Master Unwanted Emotions & Unwanted Actions?

Many of us don’t think or believe that we have a choice, especially when it comes to the way we feel and the things that we do. We believe that someone else is pulling the strings and pushing the buttons that cause us to feel something or do something. That there’s some great being or entity that compels us or literally forces us to make the decisions that we do…the choices that we do.

And that, as Sadhviji so brilliantly expounds, is exactly what we’re doing. We’re making a choice to feel the way that we do; to do the things that we do. We are. Not that great being that we’ve been surrendering our power to for so long. And realizing that is the first step to mastering those unwanted emotions and unwanted actions that we seem to face day-in and day-out.

In this thoughtful video, Sadhviji offers incredible insights into those unwanted experiences, and how we can take back our power to make sure that whatever we experience is both wanted and welcomed.

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