How does Forgiveness lead to Healing?

Jul 28 2021

How does Forgiveness lead to Healing?

Without forgiveness, what we most want in the world is out-of-reach. It’s impossible to hold a grudge, and live in light and love and spiritual wisdom. So, once you realize that you want light and love in your life, you realize that holding on to that grudge is hurting you, not the person with whom you have the grudge.

To forgive, we must be compassionate. We must recognize that we bring to the world only that which we have…the only tools that we have in our toolbox. So, if we have impatience and fear and anger in our toolbox, we can’t bring patience and compassion. We can only bring what we have.

In this beautiful video, Sadhviji shares how we can use that compassion to forgive ourselves and others, so that we can begin to heal and find that life of light and love and spiritual wisdom that we’re looking for!

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