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How to Connect with God?

Jul 26 2021

How to Connect with God?

To connect, we must find an object to connect with. And, to find anything, even God, we first need to know where to look. Do we look inside, or outside? Over here, or over there? And, what or who are we actually even looking for? For Hanuman or Ganesha or Vishnu or Krishna or…? Or, no form at all?

And that, truly, is the important element of our effort. Recognizing that what we’re searching for may not have the form or the name or the presence that we’ve always believed it would is essential to the realization of who and what God truly is. And, it’s essential to finding ways to connect.

In this inspiring video from the Divine Satsang, Sadhviji shares with us the omnipresence, ominipotence and omniscience of the Divine – and, exactly how connection to that brilliance is even possible.

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