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How to Deal with Parental Rejection?

Aug 16 2021

How to Deal with Parental Rejection?

Being rejected by our parents is one of the hardest things in the world to deal with emotionally. The source of our literal life, the source of our sustenance, the source of so much of who and what we are…to have them reject us is a truly shattering experience. And, if the reason that they reject us is because of our behaviour – well, that adds shame to the mix, which is an even greater complication. But, that rejection may not be fair or just. Rather, it might be based solely on the parents’ inability to cope or on their own inner issues and agendas.

Watch and listen as Sadhviji offers inspiring insights into the parent-child relationship, and why it’s vital to always remain grounded and centered to ensure that the emotions that often arise in those dealings don’t prevent us from being true to ourselves and to our own path.

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