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How to Properly Choose Your Words

Jan 06 2023

How to Properly Choose Your Words

The power of speech is one of the most important powers we have. Words, themselves, have a profound power to heal or to hurt, to create or to destroy. Speech is not something to take lightly. All of our ancient wisdom traditions emphasize, in their own language and way, the importance of right speech.

Unfortunately, we have become habitual talkers. We talk and we talk and we just keep talking – even when we don’t have anything to say. And, that’s when we say things we don’t mean, things that are not true, and things that hurt people and ourselves. AND, through constant meaningless talking we waste so much sacred energy of our being. So, what do we do to make sure that we’re choosing the right words…that we’re choosing the right speech?

Listen and watch as Sadhviji explains.

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