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How To Talk To Children About War

Apr 24 2022

How To Talk To Children About War

Unfortunately, we’re at a time in history and our lives when the subject of war is once again a hot topic. Across all media outlets and on all platforms, armed conflict is front and center in our minds and on our timelines and front pages. And, it’s vitally important that we put the conflicts into perspective for our youngest citizens…our youngest brothers and sisters…our children.

Talking to children about war is always difficult. They’re naturally going to have questions, and not talking about it and pretending it’s not happening actually makes it more scary for them. What we share with them can help to calm their fears – and, to prevent them from having nightmares!

It’s important to share with them that in life people make bad decisions. They live in hate and greed instead of love and generosity – and it’s this that makes them hurt others. And, they should know that they’re safe in their beds, and bombs aren’t going to be dropping on them as they sleep.

Most importantly, we should encourage the seeds of love and compassion for others to bloom in their young hearts because, when we allow positive sanskaras and patterns to form, the chances are slim that we’ll be going to war when our kids grow-up and take charge!

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