International Day of Peace – Peace Day Congress

Sep 21 2022

International Day of Peace – Peace Day Congress

Happy International Peace Day! Join Sadhviji as she opens the Congress for World Peace with a beautiful discourse on the meaning and importance of cultivating peace both within ourselves and in our beautiful world.

The times are definitely dark right now and many things are uncertain, whether its mental health, environmental changes or the general state of the world, AND there is always hope, because WE ARE THAT which can bring light to the darkness. All of our exquisite creation always happens and is created in darkness, whether it’s a seed underground that cracks and bursts forth through the soil, the egg that shakes violently before the chick breaks out, or the cocoon of the butterfly or the womb of the mother before the baby emerges.

So let us realize that just because it’s dark, it doesn’t mean that we should get discouraged. Yes, it’s turbulent times, but lets us realize we are on the verge of birthing a brand new, beautiful creation. And, that peace that we are all looking for in our world has to be first birthed within us individually, internally before it can be birthed externally. As is said within the Vedas “As is the individual, so is the Eternal Creation”.

Also joining Sadhviji in this important congress are the Dalai Lama Swami Vishnudevananda Giri Sisterjenna Marajh, Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singhji, Pilot Baba, Neale Donald Walsch and other spiritual and religious leaders from many different faiths.

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