Sadhviji’s Divine LIVE Satsang

Mar 28 2023

Sadhviji’s Divine LIVE Satsang

In tonight’s LIVE Satsang from the Sacred Garden at Parmarth Niketan, Pujya Sadhviji responds to questions from our global family with answers that take us deeper onto our spiritual path.

To begin, Sadhviji leads a sublime meditation before answering a question from a global family member living abroad who wants to know why silence is so powerful. “So many reasons. Now, silence is not the absence of noise or an emptiness. In fact, silence is actually more full than noise! Because in silence you start to hear the sounds of the Self and the sounds of the Universe.”

Next, a family member iin the Garden wonders how important is evil in society, because only if there’s evil can there be good. Sadhviji shares that the ability to discriminate and to see good because of bad isn’t all that it’s cracked-up to be. Who wants evil just so we can compare it to good?

Then, another family member asks what is the best advice a parent can give to a child about finding the right path in life. Sadhviji reminds us that sometimes a career isn’t a life-path, and we shouldn’t try to convince the child that it is. A life-path is huge! A career is really just a job.

Finally, is it possible to attain moksha while in the body, and do we need to do deep tapas to attain it? Watch and listen as Sadhviji responds.

Tune-in every night for Divine Satsang with Sadhviji from the Holy Banks of Mother Ganga! And, take some time to revisit previous sessions of Satsang by scrolling through the timeline on this page – so many amazing and precious Drops of Wisdom, all available right at your finger-tips!

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