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Sadhviji’s Divine LIVE Satsang: Is It Wrong to Be Right?

Dec 16 2021

Sadhviji’s Divine LIVE Satsang: Is It Wrong to Be Right?

The seasonal chill in the air led us back to the Satsang Room at Parmarth Niketan tonight, but that didn’t stop the divine wisdom from flowing as Sadhviji responded to questions from our global family that helped us all to go deeper into our spiritual path!

The first question came from a family member abroad, who wondered it if was ever right to do the wrong thing, or wrong to do the right thing – questions that Sadhviji indicated are subject to conditions at the time. As she so brilliantly shared, the same knife entering a person’s chest can either be a tragedy or a life-changing event, depending on whether it’s someone that means us harm or someone – such as a surgeon – that wants only the best for us!

Next, a question from a family member in the Satsang Room, who wondered how we can hear that inner voice. After Sadhviji’s eloquent answer, the same family member expressed such gratitude for the guidance – gratitude being, as Sadhviji shared, the “emotion of the gods!”

Then, the youngest member of our family in the Room that wonders how she can control her mind to do japa. Being just 7 years old, the question was an unexpected and wondrous surprise – and, Sadhviji’s beautiful reaction a great and beautiful joy!

Finally, the last question from a family member in the Room, who asked for guidance about jealousy in an intimate relationship. Watch and listen as Sadhviji details the steps to take to tame the Green-Eyed Monster once and for all.

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