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Sadhviji’s Divine LIVE Satsang: It’s Not My Fault – So, Why Am I Suffering?

Dec 20 2021

Sadhviji’s Divine LIVE Satsang: It’s Not My Fault – So, Why Am I Suffering?

On this final full week of 2021, the guidance and wisdom that HH Pujya Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji so lovingly shares through answers to questions asked in Satsang by our global family is a beautiful way to re-center ourselves and focus on going deeper on our spiritual path as we look forward to welcoming the New Year.

Tonight’s first question from a family member in India seeks guidance from Sadhviji about how to continue to love and support their parents despite the negativity and verbal abuse that they dole-out. Sadhviji’s loving and inspiring response is a powerful tool for both our family member and for anyone that is involved in a harmful and hurtful relationship!

Next, a family member in the Satsang Room sought feedback on issues of anger and rage that he is experiencing, and a beautiful young lady with American stars in her eyes wonders how to deal with her BFF leaving for America – the place that SHE most wants to go to become a famous actress! Sadhviji’s answers to both questions are filled with the compassion and warmth that make every Satsang session a memorable experience!

Finally, another family member in the Satsang Room asked why we have to deal with the repercussions of things that are not our fault or our doing, and why we so often in relationships get treated badly despite giving all of our attention and time and devotion to the other person. Watch and listen to Sadhviji’s insightful answers!

Tune-in every night for Divine Satsang with Sadhviji from the Holy Banks of Mother Ganga! And, take some time to revisit previous sessions of Satsang by scrolling through the timeline on this page, where you’ll find so many amazing and precious Drops of Wisdom that have helped so many around the world to heal and transform – available right at your finger-tips!

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