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Sadhviji’s Uplifting Never Alone Summit Message

May 27 2021

Sadhviji’s Uplifting Never Alone Summit Message

“While Covid didn’t cause mental dis-ease,” Sadhviji opines in this beautiful address that she made at the Never Alone Summit this past weekend, “it certainly exacerbated it – and, it will continue to exist long after Covid is over. So, what can we do to lessen, or even – by God’s grace – eradicate mental dis-ease?”

Watch and listen as Sadhviji provides the inspiring answers – as well as some steps that you can take to find comfort and peace during this most-difficult of times!

During this Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s re-commit ourselves to creating a community that supports mental health and well being. Let’s rewrite the stories of mental health in our lives, our families, communities and society by creating the building blocks for a new mental health culture!

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