Apr 22 2022


One of the most beautiful aspects for me about India is the children. After Mother Ganga and my Guru Pujya Swamiji, it was the children who grabbed my heart. They had nothing compared to the kids I’d grown up with, but they were joyful, blissful even. The work in which I have been so blessed to be able to serve, for the children of the Himalayas, and throughout India, is some of the deepest, richest and most rewarding work.

In the eyes of the youth I see the bright light of love and change…the light of a brighter and sustainable future. But, they need our help. They need a strong foundation of knowledge, experience, empowerment and opportunity to truly shine in this world, and to help effect the change that is so desperately needed. And, that’s what we are trying to do through our Divine Shakti Foundation. Give them the help they need to thrive. In some cases the help they need is actually to survive!

In the slums of Rishikesh there are scores of bright, intelligent and capable boys and girls who are living in absolute destitution. They don’t attend school and their future is even bleaker than their present. Without an education they don’t stand a chance to rise up out of abject poverty.

But with the right tools, the right help and the right training, these beautiful divine children can be the ones who will make the world a more beautiful place for all of us to live. With the proper encouragement and support, these can be our hope for the future.

I would love it if you would help us in this effort. We’re doing the work on the ground…we just need the financial resources to accomplish the task. We’ll not only be empowering these children and their mothers to learn and grow but we’ll be creating a beautiful team of change-makers and activists who can help to heal and transform the planet!

With your help, our help is even more powerful and effective! So join us!

Let’s change the world ~ together!

At this time of Earth Day let’s realize we are all ONE. These children are our own…

Please help however you can.

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