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Happy Akshaya Tritiya!

Happy Akshaya Tritiya ! Today is the day that typically Indians purchase gold, utensils and property as it is believed to be very auspicious to purchase valuables on this day, so our prosperity will be "akshaya" or undiminishing and eternal. However, rather than celebrating...

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The Sacred Day of Hanuman Jayanti

It's the sacred day of Hanuman Jayanti, that beautiful day when our beloved Hanumanji appeared on earth in his beautiful form to inspire us to live lives to the absolute fullest! Hanumanji is the divine embodiment of SO much -- strength, courage, single-pointed devotion and...

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Ram Navami

On this auspicious, sacred day of Ram Navami, the day that Lord Rama took birth on Earth, Pujya Sadhviji explains so beautifully that Ram Navami is not just to celebrate Lord Ram's birth that happened thousands of years ago, but to give birth to...

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