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The Many Ways We Connect with God

Oct 04 2021

The Many Ways We Connect with God

In this, the 21st Century, there is a plethora of ways for us to connect with each other. In-person, phone, computers, social media – so many opportunities to reach-out and touch the ones we love! But, what about God? How do we connect with Him?

Fortunately – though less hi-tech and definitely not reliant on electricity or WiFi – there are also many effective ways to communicate with the Creator. Meditation – Sadhana – Tapasya – all used interchangeably, and all ultimately perfect ways to connect us with God. As Sadhviji shares in this teaching from the Divine Satsang, “these spiritual practices we engage in offer us a path to freedom, connection, and love.”

Watch and listen to Sadhviji as she encourages us to use all of the tools and methods at our disposal to secure a connection to the Divine!

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