The Real Story Sadhviji Wrote Hollywood to the Himalayas

Oct 20 2022

The Real Story Sadhviji Wrote Hollywood to the Himalayas

The million (or billion) dollar question around Sadhviji’s best selling memoir, “Hollywood to the Himalayas” is always how she had the courage to write a biography that was so forthcoming and honest about her own struggles and challenges. This question was most recently asked in a recent interview with She the People TV when Sadhviji was interviewed by Archana Pal Kulkarni.

Sadhviji gave an answer that you might not expect. She explained that “Spiritual leaders are frequently put on a pedestal, seen as cut from a different cloth, as people qualitatively different from the devotees, and therefore personal details are not shared with regard to our own struggles and conflict.”

But she explained that the result of this kept her very separate from those she was teaching, and she knew that was not in the devotees’ best interest. She knew she needed to share not only the freedom, joy and bliss but the earlier struggles because it she wants to let people know that if she could do it, they could do it! If she could overcome suffering, so can they!

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