Tips for Parenting

Nov 19 2023

Tips for Parenting

“You’re the BEST Mom!” “You’re the BEST Dad!” That’s what every parent wants to hear. We want our children to love us as they blossom, grow, expand and thrive in the world. But amidst the thousands of books on parenting there is SO much disagreement about the “right” parenting style.

So what is it that makes a great parent? What tools, techniques and tenets raise children who are connected, confident, courageous, creative and compassionate?

In this video, Sadhviji shares some of the most powerful ways to help your children blossom and thrive. She will surprise you with tips you may not have thought of – for example, discover how your partnership with your spouse plays a key role in your child’s confidence and how to set firm yet flexible boundaries.

Most importantly, learn how to make sure your kids feel your love – deep, unconditional, and always present, regardless of what they do.

Join Sadhviji as she shares her wisdom on parenting, nurturing confident, loving, strong, and resilient children.

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