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What Is Karma?

Dec 04 2021

What Is Karma?

What is karma? So many times we think of the Law of Karma like Santa Claus sitting somewhere in the sky with a list of who’s been good and who’s been bad, dishing out rewards and punishments. Karma is not like that at all! Karma is a law of nature that can be harnessed and channeled in beautiful ways and which has, as the ultimate goal, our own awakening and freedom. Listen to Sadhviji explain learn how to harness your karma for your own best life and ultimate freedom.

And what is destiny? How, when and where is our destiny created? Is everything predestined or do we have free well? Yes and yes! Yes we have full free will and yes we are pre-determining our own destiny. Listen to this beautiful video as Sadhviji explains how.

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