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What Is Life?

Dec 31 2022

What Is Life?

Life, quite simply, is exactly what we make it. If we want to turn it to heaven, we turn it to heaven; if we want to turn it to hell, we turn it to hell. And, most of us live our lives responding to what we experience. We become victims of life and circumstances…we respond to the things that happen to us. The weather, politics, the economy, our family – and as long as those things are what we like, our life is great. But, when they are not we are not.

In this important teaching, Sadhviji reminds us that we are creators of our own life. And, as such, the important question isn’t so much What is Life…but, rather, What is My Life – right here and right now? How am I making my life right now? Am I even here right now…mindfully here, in this moment. All we have is this moment, and we need to know whether we’re living it to the best of our abilities. In this moment.

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