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When Does Silence Convey More than Words?

Jun 08 2021

When Does Silence Convey More than Words?

Ironically – despite the fact that peace and quiet are high on everyone’s list of must-haves – silence is really misunderstood. For example, you might not know that silence just happens to be one of the most powerful methods of communication available to us. You read that right: Silence is a powerful way to communicate! And, it also tends to make a lot of people really uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable because our programming and experience sometimes tells us that we’re not worthy or in trouble if someone doesn’t talk to us…because we’re told that talking is the only way that we can truly understand what people are thinking or feeling, so we can’t relate to them without words.

But, in this inspiring video from the Divine Satsang, Sadhviji beautifully explains that there’s no reason to be uncomfortable with silence – but, every reason to take the opportunity to use silence as a new way to “listen” to others and, more importantly, to ourselves. It’s the perfect way, she says, to leave the shallowness of words behind, and to find the true meaning behind our thoughts and feelings – and of those we love.

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