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Without Water There Can Be No Peace

Sep 22 2022

Without Water There Can Be No Peace

Without water there can be no peace. Without water there can be no life. Today on International Peace Day, Sadhviji explains the critical importance of protection and preservation of our water if we want to have peaceful lives and a peaceful world. Amazingly more people suffer and die each year due to lack of clean water than from all forms of violence combined!

In this powerful speech during a special plenary on Healthy Water for @unityEarth and @Unify ‘s Peace Week Celebration, Sadhviji emphasizes that we cannot consider ourselves peaceful people until everyone in our society has access to their basic human rights, including access to safe and sufficient water.

Sadhviji also shares what we can each do, in our own lives, each day to make an impact on Water.

Listen, be inspired and then implement these important steps and together let us bring clean water for all!

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