World Water Day and The Mother Goddess

Mar 22 2023

World Water Day and The Mother Goddess

Today is World Water Day and in a beautiful, sacred serendipity it is also the first day of Navratri. As we honor the Mother Goddess and Divine Feminine we remember that our natural world, Mother Nature and all our water bodies are not merely “resources” but they are precious gifts that sustain life on our planet.

The word in Sanskrit for nature is “prakriti” which is feminine. The word for creation is “shrishti” which is also feminine. The word for the energy through which creation is created and nature is formed is “Shakti.” Also feminine! So as we worship the Mother Goddess we must remember that to truly worship the Goddess is to protect and preserve our nature and creation!

We are so blessed to be on the banks of Mother, Ganga, where she flows so fully and beautifully but so many of our earth family are suffering with lack of water. More than 2 billion people don’t have access to safe or sufficient water. The United Nations estimates that by 2040 the world will only have half the drinking water it needs. India will only have half of its needs by 2030. That’s essentially tomorrow! More people already suffer and die each year due to lack of safe and sufficient water than from all forms of violence combined. We cannot have peace if we don’t have water. We cannot have life without water!

As we commit ourselves to peace, let us commit ourselves to protecting and preserving our planet’s water. This includes but is not limited to turning off the top when you brush your teeth or using low flow toilet flushes. Our dietary choices and fashion choices have a huge impact on water shortages. The meat and fashion industries are two of the greatest stealers of the planet’s precious water. We have a great opportunity, with every meal, and with every shopping trip to make it a choice for conscious living.

As we worship and celebrate the Divine Feminine, the Mother Goddess, let us remember that She pervades and permeates all of life here on earth.

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