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Detached Yet Excited About Life

Aug 14 2022

Detached Yet Excited About Life

Spiritually we are instructed to be “detached,” to embody the virtue of vairagya, detachment. We are instructed to do your duty, but don’t be attached to the fruits of your labour… We are instructed to detach from the world, from relationships….. But is that really the highest spiritual calling? What about the suffering of those around us? What about the poverty, hunger, despair we see? Are we really not supposed to care?

Sadhviji beautifully explains this seeming contradiction. It turns out it is simply a problem with the semantic translation of vairagya. “it is not detachment,” she explains. We are supposed to be “re-attached,” not “detached.” Watch this beautiful video from the Divine Satsang,and understand this crucial key to a spiritual life!

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