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Getting Over Grudges

Nov 11 2022

Getting Over Grudges

Grudges – that sense of pain, anger and resentment that keeps us from being free – must be released and let go. Not for the person who did whatever it was that they did to you. But, for yourself. It is your birthright to be free – and holding on to grudges is what keeps us stuck and prevents our freedom. Grudges keep us shackled to the past, and prevent us from being the person that we were meant to be. Whenever you think about that moment that caused the anger and pain, each time you remember that person who did it, you tighten those chains and continue living in bondage.

As Sadhviji shares in this beautiful teaching, freedom lies in your hands. Freedom can be achieved by your actions and your choices and decisions. It can be achieved by opening your hearts to the life of possibilities that comes when you choose forgiveness. Watch and listen to discover the path to freedom!

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