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Are you holding a grudge? If yes, the. You are in spiritual jail. If you've ever said "I'll never forgive that person," you've actually imprisoned yourself. You’ve offered up your freedom on the altar of someone else's ego, arrogance, ignorance and karmic drama. When you...

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“Can Women Achieve Enlightenment? / Mindful Parenting / Stop Breaking the Promises You Make to Yourself! / Dealing with Hurt Feelings”, OmTimes Radio

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati at Parmarth Niketan discusses the following topics and answers questions from seekers from around the world during her Satsang from the banks of the holy Ganga River: Can Women Achieve Enlightenment? Mindful Parenting: What to Teach Your Kids? Stop Breaking the Promises...

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Forgive and Heal

In this beautiful video, Sadhviji shares how we can use that compassion to forgive ourselves and others, so that we can begin to heal and find that life of light and love and spiritual wisdom that we're looking for!...

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