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Forgiveness Tag

Forgive Yourself and Be Free

One of the most important aspects of a spiritual path is forgiveness. Without forgiving those who have harmed us, we cannot experience freedom. So many of us work diligently to find forgiveness in our hearts for these who have wronged us throughout our lives. However,...

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Getting Past Anger & Pain

How can you get past the pain and the anger that you might be experiencing in your life and bring your awareness back to the Truth of who you are? In this extraordinary teaching on the @AlignPodcast , Sadhviji provides a clear and effective roadmap...

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How Can I Reopen My Heart?

So frequently we shut down and close our heart when we've been hurt. But that just ends up hurting us more! Our heart is such a beautiful and sensitive part of what makes us human. That sensitivity is what makes us get teary-eyed when we're...

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How Do You React to Mistakes?

Unfortunately life has no rewind button that allows us to go back and prevent a mistake from happening. We can’t unspill water or take back words that have been spoken. So holding a grudge and expecting the person that made the mistake to apologize...

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Letting Go

There is no self-realization without letting go. But how do we let go? The solution is simple though its not always easy. In this beautiful excerpt from the Secrets to Happiness event in London, Sadhviji explains that sometimes that in order to truly be...

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