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Hindus & The Sanatan Dharma

May 21 2022

Hindus & The Sanatan Dharma

One of the most amazing facts about Hinduism is that traditional Hindus don’t call themselves Hindus and they don’t call their religion Hinduism! The word Hindu is not found in any of the Hindu scriptures. The word Hindu was actually used by those who had come from outside India to refer to the people living in the Indus Valley, on the banks of the Sindhu River. So the word Hindu referred to the place that we lived, rather than to the religion that we practiced.

To Hindus, our religion is called Sanatan Dharma.

In this teaching, Sadhviji shares that it is Sanatan Dharma, not Hinduism, that forms the foundation of our traditions. Watch and listen as Sadhviji beautifully explains!

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