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How Can I Change My Destiny?

Jun 12 2022

How Can I Change My Destiny?

Thoughts are tickets to our destiny. Our thoughts literally create our destinies. I always used to think that thoughts were just things I had no control over which happened in my brain and I always thought they were true. As though somehow sitting in my brain was the Knower-Of-It-All and this Knower-Of-It-All would tell me when to feel happy, when sad, when frustrated, when satisfied, when I was okay and good, when I was awful. So, in response to my thoughts sometimes I’d feel happy. Other times I’d feel sad. Other ones so many other emotions. But I always thought that a) that which was spoken in my brain was absolute truth and b) that there was nothing I could do about it. But then I learned, here in the lap of the Himalayas, that actually our thoughts are NOT that which is correct about the present or the past, but they ARE determining our future. And also, I learned, I have a choice what to think. I can control, with love, what I think and therefore how I feel. And also, by watching and changing our thoughts we change not only our experience of the present, but also we change our future. My thought in this moment dictates how I will act, my action then leads to my habits, my character, my karmic package and therefore my destiny. So many of us want to change our life path and our destiny, but we don’t realize the key is with us, and it’s just in a thought.

I know it seems overwhelming. But start by watching your thoughts. Simply become aware of what you’re thinking. Then realize that before each thought, as you watch it arise, you have a choice. You can jump on it like a vehicle taking you somewhere you DON’T want to go, or you can simply NOT jump on it. You can return your awareness to your breath, to your mantra, to the beautiful sun shining or rain falling or moon rising. Slowly, slowly you will learn that your mind goes where you direct it. And therefore, so does your destiny!

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