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How Real Are Memories?

May 31 2022

How Real Are Memories?

Our memories determine how we feel about our own lives. As we look back what we see are not facts but memories. They colour our world so completely that it’s frequently not always possible to tell whether the memory is real and true – or, a complete fabrication or somewhere in between . And, that’s a huge dilemma because, as it turns out, our memory is actually horrible at remembering things factually. We merge things together, we fill in the blanks – and, over time, they completely change. There is a whole large school of psychology dedicated to the science of memory because our memories impact our state of mind so deeply.

In this beautiful teaching, Sadhviji explains that so much of how we feel – our anger, our sadness, our frustration – is based on a memory…which may not even be true! So, if you’ve got a memory that’s causing you pain or guilt or grudges, tell yourself that the way you’re remembering it may not be actually how it happened. So, give yourself permission to let go and stop living in the past!

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