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Perception vs. Reality

There is but one Truth. One, real, True, undeniable Truth. Our saints and sages tell us that Truth, and our scriptures document that Truth. Doesn't matter how we see it, or even if we see it, it's the Truth. So, even though we perceive how...

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How Real Are Memories?

Our memories determine how we feel about our own lives. As we look back what we see are not facts but memories. They colour our world so completely that it's frequently not always possible to tell whether the memory is real and true - or,...

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Intelligence Today

What is intelligence? Our ability to read, write and do arithmetic? or something deeper? Usually when we think of intelligence, we think about how we learn and give back pieces of information. And what we typically learn is based on our tools of observation -...

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Mind vs Brain

During a beautiful discussion and discourse during the Spiritual Lecture Series of the International Yoga Festival a few years ago, Pujya Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji and Bruce H Lipton, PhD offer their insights into the workings of the Mind and Brain, sharing that the primary tool...

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Where is Consciousness Located?

If consciousness is a thing, it's got to be somewhere. But, where? Is it in the brain? In each individual cell? Where? Many people do believe that consciousness exists in the brain, but in this beautiful teaching offered in the presence of HH Param Pujya...

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