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If Everything is Already Written, Why Bother?

Nov 15 2021

If Everything is Already Written, Why Bother?

Destiny brings us what we have. We can’t change it…can’t go back and redraw our life, alter the direction. That’s what destiny is – the sum total of our past actions, and it’s etched pretty much in stone. But what about the future? Is there any point in going forward, since everything is already written?

Well, according to Sadhviji in this beautiful teaching about karma and the fruits of our labours, yes, there’s definitely a point in going forward. Because just as the present moment is the result of the fruits of our efforts in the past, so too are future moments the result of the efforts that we make today. Planting well today…living with God as the center of our lives…provides a beautiful and bountiful harvest tomorrow!

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