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Is There A Hindu Santa Claus?

Dec 25 2022

Is There A Hindu Santa Claus?

Is there a Hindu Santa Claus? In this beautiful #ThrowbackThursday holiday video, Sadhviji eloquently shares, in response to this question from a young child, what the Hindu equivalent is to Santa Clause, saying that the closest match to the jolly gift-giver in our tradition is the law of Karma. But, unlike someone checking and tallying how good or bad we’ve been throughout the year, the law of Karma is with us at every moment, giving us what we need to unfold and grow on our spiritual path – even though it might not always be what we want or desire. Like a child on a holiday morning, Sadhviji marvels at the absolute perfection of Karma as a fundamental law of nature, and encourages us to check our balance sheet everyday, being especially conscious of our actions as they are the seeds that we plant to manifest our destiny!

Watch and share this inspiring holiday Satsang now! And, have a very Happy Karmic Christmas!

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