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Learning to Forgive & Let Go

Feb 11 2022

Learning to Forgive & Let Go

It’s Story Time again — this time on a very deep and powerful topic of forgiveness and letting go… Sharing my own personal story of how I was able to let go of not only the suffering that had afflicted me so deeply but also the identification as the one who suffered, and what a blessing to read it to you from the waters of Mother Ganga where it all happened!….

It’s such a joy to read to/with you all from Hollywood to the Himalayas. Today, we are starting from the beginning, the prologue. Learning to forgive and let go was the most powerful lesson that I was ever gifted with because I never thought it was really possible. I never thought that I could really be free of the struggles, of the challenges of the experience that I had had. It’s now almost exactly 25 years ago, when I was given that beautiful and extraordinary instruction by Puyja Swamij to just “give it to the river”. And here in this place, right here on the banks of Mother Ganga, it is here that this story begins.

Please let me know In the comments below if you are enjoying these readings and, for more, be sure to get your own copy of Hollywood to the Himalayas and read along (and also read all the parts I’m skipping….)

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