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Our Role When Things Get Worse in Kaliyug

Apr 01 2020

Our Role When Things Get Worse in Kaliyug

If I know things are getting worse, why bother? What is #Dharma and why are we here now?

In this #DivineSatsang we examine the cycle we are in as humanity of Kali Yuga (the time of darkness). Things in the world can appear to be heading in a neverending spiral of negativity. So, why should be put any effort into changing things? What effect do we have, if any at all? @SadhvijiBhagawatiSaraswati lovingly speaks to the call for us To Stand. She cites with great understanding, the deep dilemma of Arjun in the Gita, and invites us to apply the same lesson to our own lives.

Lord Krishna promises that “Whenever darkness is winning out over #Dharma (righteousness) I incarnate to bring light to the darkness.”

Our duty, our dharma is to bring light to the darkness. The reason Arjun has to fight the battles is not that he is sure to win. THAT reason that is so important to understand. These teachings are not for someone definitely who is guaranteed to win the battle. It is for someone who HAS to fight to the battle. It means we are the ones who can bring that Light back to that darkness Let’ it start with us.

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