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Overcoming Old Ways of Thinking and Being

Apr 13 2021

Overcoming Old Ways of Thinking and Being

One of the things that we realize when we meditate is that, not only is our mind almost constantly “talking” and “advising” and “judging” and “opining,” but all of the things that it’s talking and advising and judging and opining about are a rerun of the same things it’s been talking about for years.

So many of us are stuck in old patterns and ways of thinking. We want to be free in the present but our thoughts hold us back. So, we have to ask ourselves what it is about those old ways that makes us want to hold on to them? And, what is it about thoughts, in general, that make us want to focus on them instead of the divine bliss of a beautiful connection to God? How can we let those thoughts – all of them, even the reruns – go?

Sadhviji, in this video from the Divine Satsang, beautifully teaches us how to let go of the old and embrace the new, so that our meditations become about the connection to God, instead of about re-watching those old reruns on our mental monitor. Watch and listen to learn how to let go to gain your life!

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