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Sadhviji’s Divine LIVE Satsang

Oct 03 2022

Sadhviji’s Divine LIVE Satsang

In tonight’s Divine LIVE Satsang from the Divine Garden at Parmarth Niketan, Pujya Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji responds to questions from our global family with answers that take us deeper into our spiritual path.

Tonight’s first question comes from a global family member living abroad who asks what is the one quality that would be the greatest blessing to receive. In response, Sadhviji shares that that one quality that is most important is surrender, because all of the suffering that we experience and that we bring on to others is because we are so stuck and so attached to beliefs and practices that we are not able to. Surrender allows us to actually let-go so that we can experience the flow of the universe. It also helps to have the quality of gyan yoga, since that knowledge informs us that we need to surrender!

Next, a family member from the Divine Garden wonders when we get the rewards of the fruits of our labours – in this lifetime, or in the next? Sadhviji shares that we don’t always get the fruits of our labours in the material world. It’s not like a Mercedes lands in our driveway every time we chant God’s name. The karmas that we actually do…we don’t know when they’re going to bear fruit. Just know that they will bear fruit – and, that’s the most important thing!

Then, another member in the Garden says that, after giving a better education to one of his daughters, she is misguided and isn’t living-up to her potential, living her life in a way that is not in alignment with the values and ethics that I taught her. Watch and listen as Sadhviji offers beautiful and sage advice!

Finally, what do you do when fear stands in the way of achieving your dharma? Sadhviji responds that fear is a signal – a signal that we should be careful. It doesn’t mean that you have to listen to it…just means that you should watch your step!

Tune-in every night for Divine Satsang with Sadhviji from the Holy Banks of Mother Ganga! And, take some time to revisit previous sessions of Satsang by scrolling through the timeline on this page – so many amazing and precious Drops of Wisdom, all available right at your finger-tips!

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